5 Reasons to Try Cupping Therapy

If you watched the 2016 Olympics, you may have noticed those dark red circles on some of the athlete’s arms and backs – those are “cupping marks.” Cupping is a form of therapy that people have been using for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until recently that Westerners started to use it.

Wang Qun's Cupping Marks

Wang Qun’s Cupping Marks

Are you wondering if you should give cupping therapy a try? Here are 5 reasons to give cupping a go …


Are you having problems with poor blood circulation? This could cause toxins to build up inside your bodies tissues. This buildup can cause a variety of health problems – many people turn to cupping in order to improve this stagnation and the blood that rushes to the treated area will carry away the toxins. Apart from eliminating the toxins, cupping will also eliminate dead cells and other debris your body has accumulated over time.

For Health and Wellness

You can also use cupping therapy in order to relive depression, migraines, insomnia, and anxiety. Individuals have also found that cupping helps ease seasonal allergy symptoms. When done properly, cupping can also help with any form of skin ailment you may have.

Pain Relief

Numerous studies have indicated that this form of therapy provides pain relief because it promotes blood flow to the damaged tissue. The blood brings with it oxygen, nutrients, and energy. Even cancer patients have used cupping therapy in order to relieve their pain.


Let’s face it, the same old every day routine can really get to us – every person need to take some time to relax. However, no matter how hard they try, they find it hard to relax – if you have muscles that are tight and sore, you’re just not going to get to that relaxed state that your body needs. This is where cupping therapy comes into play – it will loosen those muscles in no time at all. The therapist will place the cups along the lines of your body’s meridians – this will open these meridians. This way, not only will your muscles get the opportunity to relax, your entire body and mind will receive total relaxation.

Athletes are Using Cupping as Their Secret

During the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Wang Qun, a Chinese swimmer, showed off her marks. Today, more athletes have turned to this therapy in order to improve their health and performance. Andy Murray, a tennis star, also uses this therapy in order to relieve stiffness. Mets players have also turned to this treatment. Cupping isn’t just for athletes, it is beneficial for everyone, including you.

Justin Bieber Cupping

Justin Beiber’s Cupping Marks

Celebrities and athletes have turned to cupping in order to maintain good health and performance. Looking at these 5 reasons to give cupping a go, you can probably see why this form of therapy is so popular.

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