Reiki Treatment

Raising Your Emotional Energy Vibrations With Reiki

Each person has an energy vibration that flows from them. Have you ever been around someone and felt like they had bad energy, or you got bad vibes when you were around them? This actually refers to their vibrations and the level of those vibrations.

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Reiki Self-Healing Hands

Using Reiki For Self-Healing

Though it may not be the cure all for all your life issues, Reiki self-healing on a daily routine can be rewarding and beneficial.

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Performing Reiki

Things To Consider When Performing Reiki

If you are interested in how to perform Reiki, even on a self-healing level, here are a few things to consider.

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Healing Gemstones

Using Chakra Gemstones In Your Reiki Healing

Knowing these chakra gemstones and how to use them can help your mindfulness and Reiki healing journey.

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The Seven Chakras

What Are The Seven Chakras?

Each one of the seven chakras is a center of a specific kind of energy in the body. Reiki can be used to align the chakras or cleanse them.

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A Reiki Session

What Reiki Can Do For You

Reiki healing is a belief that your healer can transfer positive energy from their body to your body in order to heal it from various issues. The main reason people use Reiki is to help with minor physical issues and to cleanse their body so they can return to a sense of well-being and emotional […]

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Reiki Energy Flow

Signs That Your Energy is Flowing During Reiki

One way to know if Reiki is working for you is by knowing your own energy flow. But you need to know how to recognize that the energy is flowing to begin with.

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