Finding the Right Acupuncturist


If you’ve heard that acupuncture could work for you, then you may be wondering just how you should go about finding a good acupuncturist who will be able to effectively and safely administer the kind of treatment that you require.

It is true that there are some great acupuncturists out there, but there are others who are not as good, or do not run a clean office. Use these tips for considering the best acupuncturist to use.

Get Recommendations From Existing Clients

Luckily, for you, acupuncture is not such a new thing any more. These days, you can find plenty of people who have already tried acupuncture, so ask among your friends, and see if you already know someone who has already tried it.

It is possible to find recommendations elsewhere if you don’t know anyone who has used a professional. Talk to your doctor, or nurse practitioner.

Search Online Recommendations

If you’re struggling to find someone near you who has used an acupuncturist before or if you can’t find someone who has used acupuncture for your ailment, then you could always turn to the Internet to find others who could give you the recommendation that you need.

While the Internet isn’t as reliable a source as speaking to someone in person, it can still help you to make a decision. There are all kinds of places where clients can rate their acupuncturist, just as people can rate hotels and restaurants.

Narrow Down Your Search

At this point, you’ll have done some research and¬†you’ll have a number of recommendations. If you can’t make a decision from the recommendations that you’ve been given, you should consider these points:


You should remember that acupuncture usually requires several sessions to be effective. Depending on the acupuncture treatment that you need, you may need to make repeated visits to the acupuncturist.

Make sure that you will be able to get to the acupuncturist frequently and that you can stick to the program that the acupuncturist suggests for you.


It is important to check out the therapist to make sure that they are qualified to perform the procedures that you need. Just as you’d expect a doctor specializing in cancer or fertility treatments to be specifically trained in that field, there are some acupuncture treatments that require a great deal of expertise and skill. If there are no specific medical conditions you need to treat, it should be sufficient that the acupuncturist has accredited qualifications.


Make sure the acupuncturist is licensed to practice in your state. Although most states require the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission For Acupuncture And Oriental Medicine) examination or certification, each individual state carries its own regulatory board unique requirements for licensure.

The NCCAOM website offers a table of requirements for each state where you can find that information.

Cost And Insurance

You should be sure that you could afford the treatment that you want to have. While staying within your budget is an important factor, you should try to avoid those therapists who charge very low amounts for their treatments. Those acupuncturists may be unqualified or not skilled enough to get the clients they need to charge more.

Remember that some treatments need to go on for months and even years to remain effective, so you should make sure that you can afford to pay for the treatment for as long as you need it.

Another important consideration is to see if your medical insurance covers these treatments, and if so, find out which acupuncturists are covered.


As you are likely to have to visit your acupuncturist many times, it helps to have a rapport. You will feel better and more at ease if your acupuncturist is warm and welcoming and if the premises are clean and inviting. You will be spending at least 30 minutes there at a time, so this is more important than you may think.

Clean And Sanitary Office

Most of the complications and side effects that result from acupuncture come from dirty needles. This is why it is crucial to make sure the acupuncturist’s office is clean, sanitary, and well maintained.


If you have any special needs like a disability, you should make sure that you will be able to use the acupuncturist’s premises. A building with only stairs to access the acupuncturist’s room will not help if you are unable to use stairs, for example.

With a little bit of effort, you should be able to find a reputable and safe acupuncturist.

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