Raising Your Emotional Energy Vibrations With Reiki

Each person has an energy vibration that flows from them. Have you ever been around someone and felt like they had bad energy, or you got bad vibes when you were around them? This actually refers to their vibrations and the level of those vibrations. When you are depressed or anxious, your vibrations can be lower. If you want to raise your vibrations, following a bad incident or an emotional issue in your life, you can do that with Reiki.


Positive Reaction and Gratitude

One of the easiest ways to begin raising your vibrations is to attune your Chakras to positive reactions and gratitude. Negative emotions, feelings, and self-esteem affect more than one of your Chakras and your overall vibration. In fact, the more negative influences in your life, the more dense your vibrations will be. This means they will move slower, causing your energy to be slower, and may lead to depression.

One way to raise this vibration is too start practicing daily gratitude. This will help you find the positive, even in bad days, and remove negativity for the long-term.

Energy Vibrations Scale

Introduce Sound to Your Reiki Sessions

Sound healing can be very effective for raising your vibrations. You can do this on a normal basis, but you can reap benefits from sound healing during your Reiki sessions as well. Find a set of music that works well for you and brings on a positive reaction.

There is a misconception that this music must be sweet and soothing, and must stick to a new age sort of instrumental blend. The truth is, the best music for sound healing is whatever works for you. This could be a particular music style or a certain band. If heavy metal floats your boat, use it. Go with what vibrates you and your soul, not just what would commonly be considered eastern-style music, or music to get a massage by.

Receive Routine Reiki Attunements

One key to using Reiki to help lift your vibrations is to make sure you are doing it on a regular basis. This can be once a week, once a month, or once every other week. You need to set a regular routine in order to keep your Chakras and your body attuned. Think of it like any other treatment plan. You can’t bring yourself back to health occasionally. It must be a routine endeavor, and the same is true with raising vibrations and keeping them at that level through Reiki.

Reiki Treatment

These methods of raising your vibrations with Reiki healing can be done through Reiki self-healing as well as from professional treatment sessions. Remember, it may take more than one session to heal your vibrations and keep them at optimal levels.

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