Signs That Your Energy is Flowing During Reiki

When you go to a Reiki practitioner, you may want to know how to know it is working for you. In fact, if you are a skeptic, you may get to a point that you almost demand to know signs to look for to ensure that the session is working.

Reiki Energy Flow

One way to know is by knowing your own energy flow, but you need to know how to recognize that the energy is flowing to begin with. Here are some signs that your energy is flowing during a Reiki session.

Hot and Cold Hands

One of the first things that many people notice when they are feeling energy flow during Reiki are their hands. You may notice that your hands are either hot or cold. They may even be moving between the two temperatures. When your hands move from cold to hot and remain in a warm or hot temperature range, this can be a sign that the attunement of the chakras and the Reiki healing is working and has worked properly. If you are the one receiving the Reiki healing you may notice this temperature sensation fluxing during the therapy and evening out toward the end of the therapy.

Pulse Awareness

Another aspect of energy flow during Reiki healing sessions can be felt in what is known as pulse awareness. You may find that the pulse in your body is not necessarily faster or stronger, but that you are more attuned to it. For example, many people when they first lay down for a session may not feel their pulse at all. You of course know that you have one, but feeling it may require you to touch your various pulse points at your wrist or neck. As your energy flows during the session you may notice your pulse, not just in your heart, but as it moves through your body.

Vibrational Awareness

Vibrations through your body are normal as the energy begins to flow. What you may notice, however, is that the vibrations are moving around you. You may notice that vibrations are moving out into the room, into the energy of the room, and into the world around you in general. These vibrations are the energy vibrations of your chakras. If you feel this during or following a Reiki session, then you can be sure that the session has worked.

These are just some of the signs that your energy is flowing during a Reiki session. Remember that most professionals will talk you through it, ask what you feel, and keep you involved in the session. If at anytime you don’t feel like your energy is flowing properly, let your Reiki therapist know, so they can adjust the session.

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