Using Chakra Gemstones In Your Reiki Healing

Chakras are not just parts of your body and spirit. They can also be connected to certain things in nature. For example, there are gemstones that can connect and resonate with your chakras. Knowing these chakra gemstones and how to use them can help your mindfulness and Reiki healing journey. Here is what you should know.

Healing Gemstones

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the first chakra gemstone to find and start with. There are several reasons for this. The first is the most vital reason. Clear quartz works on all your chakras. It can clear and cleanse all of them and can be used easily in self-healing Reiki. You can find clear quartz in many forms, even in a pendant or ring to be worn throughout the day to help cleanse on the go as it were. This is the ideal starting point for people who are new to Reiki and self-healing or new to using chakra gemstones in your Reiki healing.

Specified Gemstones

Each chakra has a color, and those colors should be used when finding a gemstone. For example, the crown chakra is noted with a violet or lavender color. This means you would want to purchase a lavender gemstone such as a purple garnet or alexandrite. Red is the color for the root chakra. This can be found in rubies or other red gemstones like red garnet and fire opals. The key to each gemstone is finding one that fits the color and feels comfortable to you. You do not have to go with something expensive. Go for the color matching and the comfort you feel when holding it.

Chakra Gemstone Kits

Though individual gemstones can be used, chakra gemstone kits can also be purchased. These kits are available at most natural health and healing stores, but may be confusing to some. What you need to know about the kits is that they will work fine for chakra healing and Reiki, but only if they have the information you need as someone just starting on using gemstones in your Reiki practice. Look for kits that are for beginners, marked with the chakra symbol, and have a chart with them as well. This will help you and guide you until you are comfortable with using the gemstones in your own Reiki healing.

You can find these gemstones at most new age and natural healing stores. If you do not have one near you, you can also find them online through specialty stores. Rock and gemstone collecting stores will also have some of them available.

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